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5 Reasons Florida Real Estate is a Good Long-term Investment

  1. Florida is a long-term-growth state - our state has been one of the 10 fastest growing in the U.S. for the last 7 decades. Population growth will continue to provide a foundation for economic development.
  2. Florida is a migration magnet - population growth levels are forecasted to return to normal growth levels of about 300,000 per year between 2010 & 2020.
  3. Florida is a favored retirement destination - Florida will benefit from the aging of the baby boomer generation. The Sunshine state's warm weather & outdoor lifestyle continue to attract retirees.
  4. Economic Outlook - Florida ranked #10 in Site Selection Magazine's 2011 Top State Business Climate rankings.
    According to UF's Commercial Real Estate Sentiment Index, the outlook for real estate markets in Florida continued to improve in the first quarter of 2012. The employment rate dropped almost a full percentage point. Job growth was widespread. In addition, capital markets improved with banks becoming more active. The improving economic conditions are having a positive effect on property fundamentals. Occupancy and rents are improving in almost every asset class.
  5. An unsurpassed lifestyle - Florida's combination of temperate climate, outstanding recreational amenities and economic opportunity has consistently put the Sunshine State in the top three of Harris Poll's "Most Desirable Places to Live" survey.

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Find The Best Properties Using Florida Foreclosure Listings

Posted in: Foreclosures | December 15th, 2012

Whether you desire to own a property in Florida as a home or an investment, the only way that you can find a good property is by using Florida foreclosure listings. There are many advantages to using these listings. Not only will they provide you with valuable information that you can use in your foreclosure investing but they also allow you to see the current market trends that can help you in formulating your decisions. But how do you use a foreclosure listing to your advantage? The following provides the answers.

Find The Best Among The Best

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Pick The Perfect Property In Florida Foreclosures

Posted in: Foreclosures | December 15th, 2012

Florida foreclosures are the most salable properties of bank or any financial lenders. Foreclosure usually happen when the owner of the property fail to pay their monthly mortgage loan. Once this happen, the bank or the financial lender will take the property and sell if off to cover up their lent cost.

Since lenders need to settle their outstanding debt and not the market value of the foreclosed property, they tend to sell at a discount rate. And as the result of this, Florida foreclosures offer a good combination of lucrative bargain properties that sounds profit in the end.

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